Wood bed side rails have a tendency to get lost or damaged when moving, lack of center support or can warp if stored improperly.
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Many consumers prefer the warmth and character provided by a set of wood bed rails. This is especially true for someone repairing an older bed which originally had wood bed rails. Often, however, even when a new bed is set up, wood bed rails are the rails of choice because of their unique appearance attributes.

WoodBedRails.com exists for those individuals who prefer wood bed rails for their projects. You have come to the right place for finding just the right finish and/or size for your bed.

WoodBedRails.com has new bed rails, of course -- in a variety of sizes and finishes. We even have unfinished wood bed rails that you can finish yourself,if you prefer. But, if you are operating on a strict budget, you may be interested to know that WoodBedRails.com also has slightly scratched or slightly dinged wood bed rails available at significant savings. The damage is slight and the functionality of these rails is in no way impaired.

All of our wood bed rails are laminated for improved strength, stability, and durability. A laminated rail will not warp or bow as a solid wood rail can.

All bed rails and bed frames, including wood bed rails -- Full Size and larger -- need a center support system. Many mattress manufacturers require an installed center support system before they will honor their warranty on Full size and larger mattress and foundation units. Because we are strong believers in center supports, WoodBedRails.com provides a 25% discount on the purchase price for a Center Support System when purchased with a set of wood bed rails.

Quality, selection, savings, and service -- WoodBedRails.com is here to supply your wood bed rail needs. Fixing your bed has never been easier.